brett klika

Ep. 34 – Brett Klika on Youth Development

Brett Klika is a leading authority on youth development and how coaches can assist in this maturation process.  He worked for world-renowned trainer Todd Durkin for several years, heading up his youth development program.  Eventually, Brett co-created a program called SPIDERfit Kids that teaches coaches, trainers and educators the intricacies of helping young people become […]

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Ep. 31 – Brian Sipotz – Getting Started in Sports Performance

Brian Sipotz is the Owner of Advantage Strength & Conditioning in Ann Arbor, MI and a co-owner of  When his professional hockey career ended, Brian wasn’t sure what was next.  By taking risks, meeting the right people and recognizing opportunities, he has created a growing business for himself and his young family. Like many […]

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Darl Bauer

Ep. 30 – Darl Bauer on Leadership vs Ownership

Regular listeners of the Impact Show know Darl Bauer, the Associate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football at West Virginia University.  Well, Darl is back for the final show of 2017, and it’s a great topic for anyone working in a team atmosphere.  In this episode, Darl talks about the difference between leadership and […]

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Ep. 29 – Jim’s Year-End Inventory

The end of the year is always crazy, but we somehow find a way to break through it all and create New Years Resolutions at the beginning of the year.  These resolutions are basically goals – the goals we have for the new year.  But, until we take a look back at the year, we […]

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Ep. 28 – IYCA Transition

In this episode, I’m excited to announce my new leadership role with the IYCA, the International Youth Conditioning Association.  When I got involved in the IYCA several years ago, I realized that it was a very different organization that not only addressed high-quality training methods, they also addressed how to be a better coach, run […]

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Ep. 26: Politics vs Strength & Conditioning

Election Day is here!  Finally!!!  This election cycle has been absolutely crazy, but it got me thinking about parallels between how we make political decisions and how we make decisions about strength & conditioning and business. First things first, this episode is NOT about politics.  It’s all about exploring the ways in which we make […]

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