Darl Bauer on Sports Science

Ep. 16 – Darl Bauer: Science vs. Instinctual Coaching

The star of this episode is Darl Bauer, the Associate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football at West Virginia University, discussing how much we should incorporate science into coaching vs. using good-old-fashioned instinctual coaching.  Darl is a great person to discuss this because he both values science and holds instinctual coaching dear to him.  […]

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Ron McKeefery 3

Ep. 14 – Ron McKeefery: Impact Through Business

Episode 14 of the show features Ron McKeefery discussing how it’s possible to create a ripple effect through business.  Ron recently left his post as Head S & C Coach at Eastern Michigan to take on a new challenge as Director of Education for PLAE USA.  Ron has impacted countless lives through his role as […]

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Eric Cressey

Ep. 13 – Eric Cressey: Crushing Your Niche

In this edition of The Impact Show, baseball performance coach Eric Cressey explains how he has dominated his niche of training elite level baseball players.  It started off by being a great coach, but it goes far beyond just training. Every year, hundreds of elite-level baseball players migrate to Eric’s facility for off-season training, and […]

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Jon Goodman

Ep. 12 – Jon Goodman on Getting Out of Your Bubble & Red Wakeham on Coaching Athletes Equally

Episode 12 begins with a message from me on having patience in your career before diving into a discussion with Jon Goodman on getting out of your bubble.  Jon Goodman is the author of Viralnomics and the creator of www.theptdc.com – The Personal Trainer Development Center.  Jon’s philosophies on marketing and career development have helped […]

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Darl Bauer

Ep. 10 – Darl Bauer on Assessment & The NFL Combine and Part 5 of 5 of Separating Yourself in the Fitness Industry

The Impact Show is now in double digits with the release of Episode 10.  I’m breaking the format ever-so-slightly as I brought West Virginia University strength coach Darl Bauer on to discuss Testing and Assessment and it turned into a fantastic discussion about the NFL Combine. Instead of including a business discussion like I usually […]

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