Ultimate Speed Development

Ultimate Speed Development is a compilation of Jim Kielbaso's work that includes instructional videos on sprint mechanics, agility mechanics and combine techniques as well as a 6-week detailed training program and a digital copy of Jim's first book Speed & Agility Revolution. USD has been used by coaches and athletes around the world and includes everything you need to get faster at a very affordable price.

Complete Football Speed

Speed has become the most important commodity in the game of football, and each position has different needs. In this combination video/written product, Jim Kielbaso gives detailed instruction on how to develop football speed, including a 6-week, position-specific program that gives you a plan for how to develop speed that works at each position.

Maximum Football Strength

This is a complete, year-round a strength program for football that is used by hundreds of high schools and colleges around the country. It includes detailed video and written instruction on how to implement the periodized strength program. The MFS system is easy to understand and implement, giving coaches a great way to run a proven strength program.

Complete Combine Training

Football testing combines have become a cornerstone for recruiting and advancing an athlete's career. Learning how to excel at these tests can Jim Kielbaso has helped hundreds of athletes dominate at the NFL Combine and NFL Pro Days, and this video shows you the exact techniques he uses to make that happen.

Mickey Marotti OSU Manual

Mickey Marotti is one of the most respected strength coaches in the world and has had massive success everywhere he's been - Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Florida and now Ohio State. He doesn't produce much written material, so this is your chance to get inside his program.

Ultimate Speed & Agility

This book got the strength & conditioning world thinking about HOW to teach movement mechanics. Before this revolution, most coaches were just running athletes through drills. Now we teach HOW to do the drills, and this book breaks it down into easily understandable terms that anyone can apply.

Athletic Mindset Mastery

The first time I saw Dr. Perlus present, I couldn't stop taking notes and writing down ideas. This video product will give you POWERFUL ideas to engage your athletes and help them achieve success. If you want a little sample, click HERE.

The Video Authority

If you currently use, or want to use, video as part of your marketing, you need to check this out. Chris Perilli is the premier video expert in the fitness industry. He has produced stunning video products for me and other top professionals like Joe DeFranco. In this course, he teaches you how to create amazing videos to help market your business, and it’s all packaged in an easy-to-understand format and done on a shoestring budget.  Take a behind-the-scenes look at the entire product by watching this video tour -

Complete Neck Training

There is now overwhelming evidence that a stronger neck helps reduce (not eliminate) the risk of concussions and spinal injuries, but many coaches simply don't feel confident or comfortable training the neck. This product gives you simple, straightforward and practical instructions on how to properly train the neck.

Training the Injured Athlete

Every coach has to work with injured athletes at some point. West Virginia University Assoc. Head S & C Coach for Football, Darl Bauer produced the most comprehensive product on working with injured athletes I've ever seen. It may not be the most exciting topic in the world, but this information will help you make a huge impact on an athlete when he/she needs you the most.


The IYCA's Certified Speed & Agility Specialist is a very thorough and practical
resource and certification. It includes a comprehensive written manual and hours of detailed video that walks you step by step through speed mechanics and the development of speed. All of the material is presented in a format that is easy to understand and implement, making it the kind of resource coaches/trainers can use immediately.  Check out this video for an "inside tour" of the entire program