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Squat Valgus

How to Fix Common Squat Errors

For a variety of reasons, the squat is a part of most strength & conditioning programs, and I’m sure you’re doing some version of this movement with your athletes and/or teams. There are countless progressions for it, it’s efficient, the resources needed are minimal, and it’s relatively easy to teach. When I teach the squat […]

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Rogers Drive Sled

Power Drills for Football Linemen

I had the opportunity to go to the Rogers Athletic Company headquarters a while ago, and film some awesome videos for you.  If you’re not familiar with Rogers, they make incredible football equipment like blocking pads, sleds, goal posts and more,  and they also make fantastic strength training equipment including their Pendulum line of equipment. […]

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Glue Ham Roller

Sorinex Glute Ham Roller

A lot of people have ideas for a new piece of equipment, but most of us don’t have the resources to bring it to life.  I know for me, that’s probably OK because there are already enough bad ideas floating around, but once in a while something comes out that is so simple you think […]

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Air Force Football Player

Matt McGettigan Visit

Some really cool people visit me at Total Performance to talk about training, and I love spending time with different coaches talking shop. Recently, I got an e-mail from my friend Ted Rath (Detroit Lions Strength & Conditioning) telling me that Matt McGettigan from the Air Force Academy was coming into town and wanted to […]

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High Performance Handbook Eric Cressey

High Performance Handbook Review

I don’t get overly excited when people send me programs and products to review because, honestly, there is a lot of garbage out there.  I’m sure you hear all about every product on the internet, and I try hard to only talk about things I think are worthwhile – quality products created by quality people […]

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