How To Break Into the Strength and Conditioning Profession

Ron McKeeferyPossibly one of the most common questions strength coaches get from young professionals is how to break into the strength and conditioning profession.  It’s kind of the million dollar question.

So, I asked my friend Ron McKeefery to give us some advice.  Ron is a strength coach for the Cincinnati Bengals and was the head strength coach at both the University of Tennessee and the University of South Florida.  He is known throughout the industry as the kind of coach who gets interns, GA’s and assistants jobs around the country.  He developed an incredible intern training program and created unique experiences that allowed many of them to move on to great jobs.

I can’t think of anyone more qualified to speak about this, and teach aspiring coaches how to break into the field.

There’s no need to say too much, because you can just listen to Ron’s advice right here.

Something else Ron has created is a product called Strength On Demand, and I have to say that it’s one of the most incredible strength & conditioning resources I’ve ever seen.  Because Ron has been a part of so many conferences and clinics, he has access to a nearly unlimited library of presentations from top professionals.  He has taken this library and put it into Strength On Demand.  He has started off with 52 different presentations from coaches like Gray Cook, Aaron Wellman from U. of Michigan, Ted Rath from the Detroit Lions, Robert Dos Remedios, Matt Balis from Mississippi State, Brad Pantall from Penn State, Kaz Kazadi from Baylor and many more.   To make it even better, the library will also be updated constantly.

I’ve seen Ron’s library of presentations, and trust me, he has enough to constantly update this site for a long, long time.

I really can’t think of anything else like this product and it is worth every penny.  Check out Strength On Demand.

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