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Aaron Byrd

Ep. 38 – Aaron Byrd on How to Make a Difference

Aaron Byrd owns one of the most successful soccer training businesses in the country.  As a former college and professional soccer players, Aaron clearly has the skills necessary to help improve a soccer player’s abilities, but it’s not the soccer training that makes the biggest difference in people’s lives – it’s the lessons he teaches […]

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Evolution of Homer Simpson

Ep. 36 – Evolving as a Coach

This edition of The Impact Show is all about Evolving as a Coach, but it can go deeper than that.  Your evolution may also include progress as a parent, spouse, friend, businessperson or simply becoming a better version of yourself.  In Part 1 of the show, I explore some of the ways I have evolved, […]

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brett klika

Ep. 34 – Brett Klika on Youth Development

Brett Klika is a leading authority on youth development and how coaches can assist in this maturation process.  He worked for world-renowned trainer Todd Durkin for several years, heading up his youth development program.  Eventually, Brett co-created a program called SPIDERfit Kids that teaches coaches, trainers and educators the intricacies of helping young people become […]

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Ep. 31 – Brian Sipotz – Getting Started in Sports Performance

Brian Sipotz is the Owner of Advantage Strength & Conditioning in Ann Arbor, MI and a co-owner of  When his professional hockey career ended, Brian wasn’t sure what was next.  By taking risks, meeting the right people and recognizing opportunities, he has created a growing business for himself and his young family. Like many […]

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Darl Bauer

Ep. 30 – Darl Bauer on Leadership vs Ownership

Regular listeners of the Impact Show know Darl Bauer, the Associate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football at West Virginia University.  Well, Darl is back for the final show of 2017, and it’s a great topic for anyone working in a team atmosphere.  In this episode, Darl talks about the difference between leadership and […]

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Ep. 29 – Jim’s Year-End Inventory

The end of the year is always crazy, but we somehow find a way to break through it all and create New Years Resolutions at the beginning of the year.  These resolutions are basically goals – the goals we have for the new year.  But, until we take a look back at the year, we […]

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