Ep. 35 – Brett Bartholomew on Conscious Coaching

Brett Bartholomew Conscious CoachingBrett Bartholomew is one of the top young strength coaches in the industry.  He has worked as a college S & C Coach at University of Nebraska, spent several years at API/EXOS and he has recently written a book titled Conscious Coaching, that is destined to be a best-seller in the world of strength & conditioning, sports performance, fitness and sports coaching.

I had a chance to spend some time with Brett at the PLAE USE conference in Indianapolis, and as we got talking, we decided that we just NEEDED to record a podcast.

My voice still sounds pretty bad from being sick and losing it last week, but Brett sounds great.  Haha.  He even does an incredible “movie trailer voice” impersonation that you’re going to love.

If you’re not familiar with Brett Bartholomew, this podcast pretty much sums him up.  Smart. Witty. Well-spoken.  Down to earth.  And a great coach.

If you ARE familiar with Brett, you’re going to love this conversation, and you’re going to love his new book.  Click on the book cover image to check it out:

In the book, Brett Bartholomew breaks down coaching into easy to understand parts so the reader can be sure to address each one.  His research and thought processes are extremely thorough, but his style is to cut through the muck and keep things practical.  This book is a perfect mix of that.

He describes it best as “Developing a balance between the physical, psychological and cultural elements of sport is what truly comprises elite level performance.”

If you’d like to learn more about Brett, you can visit his web site http://BartholomewStrength.com and I highly encourage you to follow him on social media.  He posts some great thoughts and videos.

Enjoy the show!

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