Ep. 36 – Evolving as a Coach

Evolution of Homer SimpsonThis edition of The Impact Show is all about Evolving as a Coach, but it can go deeper than that.  Your evolution may also include progress as a parent, spouse, friend, businessperson or simply becoming a better version of yourself.  In Part 1 of the show, I explore some of the ways I have evolved, and I talk about a great live event I recently attended that was hosted by two young coaches in my area – Dan Allison and Mike Coval.  Just being there and being a part of this informal mastermind got me thinking of new ideas and generated a lot of items on my even-lengthening To-Do list.

Part 2 of the show features our friend Red Wakeham from Michigan State University talking about he has evolved as a coach, and what that process has meant to him.

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