Ep. 38 – Brett Klika on Selling Out Your Summer Program

Kids jumping hurdlesI had Brett Klika on the show a while back to talk about Youth Training concepts, and he was fantastic.  I recently had him speak at the IYCA Summit, and he was great!  People loved his presentation, but they loved his hands-on work even more.  He also joined us at the Sports Performance Business Academy, and I quickly realized that his loves talking about business topics just as much as youth training.

After several more conversations, we decided it was time to have him back on the show to talk about Selling Out Your Summer Program.  In the episode, Brett delivers incredible ideas on how to grow your business, and it’s not just about your summer programs.  The tips he gives will help you grow all aspects of your business, and his concepts aren’t exclusive to youth sports training.  Everything he talks about would work in just about any business setting with minor tweaks based on your products and customers.

Brett is like me in many ways – he loves training, he loves making a difference and he loves business development.  He’s pretty much a living example of everything the IYCA stands for and I think you’re going to love this episode.  Get ready to take some notes – I have multiple pages!

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