Ep. 42 – Anthony Renna on Running Your Own Race

Anthony RennaAnthony Renna was one of the first guys to put out a podcast focused on strength & conditioning.  The Strength Coach Podcast featured Mike Boyle and a host of other great professionals, and Anthony helped usher in an era of podcasts in our industry.

Since then, Anthony has created several other podcasts as well as Strength Coach TV where he goes all over the country to bring us video tours of strength & conditioning facilities.  He has gotten so busy with his media enterprise that he barely trains any more, yet he is making a huge impact on the profession.

Anthony’s approach has always been “the man behind the man,” but as I’ve gotten to know Anthony, I’ve really been able to see how he’s making a difference.  In this episode of The Impact Show, I talk to Anthony about his path and we go into depth on the impact he’s making.

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