Power Drills for Football Linemen

I had the opportunity to go to the Rogers Athletic Company headquarters a while ago, and film someRogers Drive Sled awesome videos for you.  If you’re not familiar with Rogers, they make incredible football equipment like blocking pads, sleds, goal posts and more,  and they also make fantastic strength training equipment including their Pendulum line of equipment.

Pendulum was founded years ago by a great guy named Tyler Hobson, and he made each piece by hand in a small workshop.  His equipment gained amazing underground popularity, and he was getting orders from colleges and pro teams that he simply couldn’t keep up with.  It was also difficult for him to make each piece exactly the same each time because he was doing it all by hand.

Eventually, he joined forces with Rogers Athletic so he could handle a much greater capacity and ensure that each piece was exactly the way it was designed.

That’s just a little background on Rogers and Pendulum but it really doesn’t have much to do with this video.  Haha.  We’re hear to talk about training linemen, and I want to show you how to use the Rogers Drive Sled.  Just to be clear, I do not get paid a cent to talk about Rogers equipment, and you can certainly do these drills with other equipment.  I happen to really like the drive sled and use them myself, so I feel confident sharing this information with you because I know it can help you train your athletes.

Let’s get right into it, and show you the video:

It’s really difficult to get linemen into this position where they can actually push something at the same time they’re moving their legs.  That’s why I love these drills so much.  You can never replicate a game situation exactly, but this gives you the opportunity to coach your athletes to be more explosive in a way that will actually make a difference on the field.

In the video, I was standing on the sled, but you can also add weight to it so you don’t have to be present all the time.  Once you teach your linemen how to use the equipment properly, you can easily incorporate these drills into your strength & conditioning program by having your linemen do them during a workout.  You don’t have to leave the weight room…they can just go do them on the field, in the hallway, on a track or wherever it’s most convenient for you.


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