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Concussion Prevention: A Pro-Active Approach

The concussion problem in sports has reached epidemic proportions.  The NFL is spending millions on awareness and just instituted new practice rules to reduce the number of blows the players are exposed to during practices.  Several high school athletic associations are also implementing new rules to deal with the issue.  So far, everything has focused […]

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Weighted Sled

Weighted Sleds for Acceleration Training

There are plenty of toys out there designed for speed development or acceleration training, but one of the most effective and easiest to use is a weighted sled.  The research on resisted sprinting using these sleds is way behind the actual use of the device, but that’s usually how it goes.  More recent information has […]

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Speed Training Program Tips

Coaches are constantly asking me what can be done to make their in-house speed training program more effective. After talking with hundreds of coaches and looking at what is happening all over the country, I have come up with six keys to increasing the effectiveness of any speed training program. Educate the athletes. If your athletes don’t […]

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Antonio Gates

How Much Strength Is Enough?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much strength is “enough” for athletes and how much time should we spend developing it. Obviously, different sports/positions have different requirements, but the basic question is always the same – how much time and effort should be put into developing huge amounts of strength compared to working […]

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Row Exercise

In-Season Strength & Conditioning

Something I didn’t have to deal with in the college setting that’s pretty frustrating when working with high school athletes is in-season training. It’s discouraging to see kids work their butts off for several months, only to have their sport coach not take the time to schedule in-season strength and conditioning workouts. A few weeks […]

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My Strength and Conditioning Blog

Welcome to my strength and conditioning blog.  As the name suggest, I plan on talking about everything related to strength and conditioning.  I’ve done a lot of writing and speaking about speed training, so there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be sharing a lot of that on here.  A very good chance. Something I’ve noticed, […]

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