Ep. 15 – Bret Contreras: Science, Social Media & The Business of Fitness

Bret ContrerasBret Contreras has quickly become one of the most popular professionals in the fitness industry.  His passion for finding the best ways to train the glutes has earned him the nickname “The Glute Guy” which has given rise to an entire training niche that he essentially created.  In this interview, Bret talks about how he came up with the idea for the hip thrust and how that idea has fueled his relentless pursuit of scientific “glute training truth.”

Bret is an open book when it comes to his life, and we get a little personal when we talk about his experience completing his Ph.D.  He keeps the conversation non-confrontational, but we definitely end the interview wanting more.

If you’d like more Bret Contreras in your life, check out his web site BretContreras.com.

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