Ep. 16 – Darl Bauer: Science vs. Instinctual Coaching

Darl Bauer on Sports ScienceThe star of this episode is Darl Bauer, the Associate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football at West Virginia University, discussing how much we should incorporate science into coaching vs. using good-old-fashioned instinctual coaching.  Darl is a great person to discuss this because he both values science and holds instinctual coaching dear to him.  This is a topic every coach, trainer or business owner can benefit from because we all have to balance this.

The show kicks off with a long discussion about how much words can actually mean to people, and my thoughts on saying things when they need to be said.  While it’s certainly not easy for me, I’ve tried to pay attention when the world is speaking to me, and this is one of those times.  I’ve had several experiences over the past few days that all lead me to doing a segment on the impact our words have on people.

The hope is that each listener will take the time to say something that needs to be said this week, and to open our minds and hearts when someone tells us something we need to hear.

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