Ep. 14 – Ron McKeefery: Impact Through Business

Ron McKeefery Episode 14 of the show features Ron McKeefery discussing how it’s possible to create a ripple effect through business.  Ron recently left his post as Head S & C Coach at Eastern Michigan to take on a new challenge as Director of Education for PLAE USA.  Ron has impacted countless lives through his role as a coach, but he will be using other skills to create the ripple effect he talks about in this episode.

This conversation was recorded before he accepted his new position, so it’s interesting to hear him talk about all the things he’s so good at, and will now be able to do on a daily basis.  You’ll still be able to follow Ron on http://RonMcKeefery.com and hear him on his Iron Game Chalk Talk podcast.  Soon, you’ll see more info coming from Ron McKeefery in conjunction with PLAE USA.

The show begins with me, Jimmy K, talking about the lost art of actually being good at something before you worry about marking it.  Too many people worry about sales, marketing and business growth before they have a great product.  I strongly encourage you to refine your skills and product before you worry about how to scale it up.  If your good, your business will thrive.  If you or your product isn’t high-quality, marketing it aggressively is only going to expose more people to your sub-par offering.  That’s not a good way to build your business.

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