Cliff Avril – Seattle Seahawks: 0-16 to Super Bowl Champ

Cliff Avril of the Seattle Seahawks joins us to discuss his journey from an 0-16 season to Super Bowl Champion.  We talk about the people in his life that helped him achieve massive success, and the people he is impacting through his foundation

Cliff talks about the difference between his experiences with the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks and how the environment really made a difference in the mindset of the entire organization.  He also talks about how certain people along the way, like Kyle Vanden Bosch, took him under his win, and how he feels compelled to help younger guys transition into a pro.

We also spent plenty of time talking about the Cliff Avril Family Foundation that he created to promote healthy living, exercise and nutrition to young people as well as provide educational support and opportunities for youth in Haiti.  He is even opening an elementary school in Haiti that will ultimately impact the lives of an entire community.

Being a very humble person, Cliff simply goes about his business without really recognizing the impact he has on people he has never met.

Another part of the interview focused on his views thoughts on strength & conditioning and physical preparation.  We often talk to other strength & conditioning professionals to get their take on training, but we don’t often hear what athletes actually think about the training process and what they need to succeed.  It was interesting to hear Cliff talk about how working incredibly hard in the weight room helped him when he was younger, but how differently he views the training process now that he’s a veteran player.  We talked about how coaches need to understand an athlete’s needs and goals, and create a program that meets those rather than trying to make a one-size-fits-all program.

Enjoy the show and visit for every episode of The Impact Show.

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