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brett klika

Ep. 34 – Brett Klika on Youth Development

Brett Klika is a leading authority on youth development and how coaches can assist in this maturation process.  He worked for world-renowned trainer Todd Durkin for several years, heading up his youth development program.  Eventually, Brett co-created a program called SPIDERfit Kids that teaches coaches, trainers and educators the intricacies of helping young people become […]

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Darl Bauer how much strength is enough?

Ep. 24 – Darl Bauer: How Much Strength is Enough?

How much strength is enough?  This question has probably been discussed by every strength coach in the world, yet there still isn’t a definitive answer.  West Virginia University Associate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football, Darl Bauer, and I have talked about this dozens of times, so we thought it would be great to […]

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