Ep. 24 – Darl Bauer: How Much Strength is Enough?

Darl Bauer how much strength is enough?How much strength is enough?  This question has probably been discussed by every strength coach in the world, yet there still isn’t a definitive answer.  West Virginia University Associate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football, Darl Bauer, and I have talked about this dozens of times, so we thought it would be great to discuss it on The Impact Show.

Even more importantly, we’d really like to continue this discussion with you and hear your thoughts on how much strength is enough.  Leave a comment below, or hit us up on social media.  The Impact Show has it’s own Facebook page, so type that into the search bar and join the conversation.

You can also find Jim Kielbaso on Facebook and share your thoughts.  There’s really no right or wrong answer, but it’s always interesting to hear different coaches’ perspectives on the topic.  Darl and Jim certainly don’t agree 100% on this topic, but they’ve both slightly changed their minds through the years.

Before your totally surprised, the show opens with a short discussion on having “good bad days.”  If you are familiar with this concept, definitely take a minutes to hear more about it, and try to apply it to your life.  Even better, teach your clients how to have good bad days.

Again, let us know your thoughts on how much strength is enough and visit our sponsor at IYCA.org.  Use promo code JK30 to get 30% off all of their certifications.

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