Ep. 21 – Wil Fleming on Olympic Lifting

Wil Fleming Olympic LiftingWhen it comes to Olympic Lifting, Wil Fleming has pretty much done it all.  He has competed at the National level, coached at the Olympic training center and has produced multiple products that teach performance coaches how to use the lifts.  He has even created a course called The Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach that will only be available from Sept. 26th – Oct. 8th.

So, if Wil Fleming is going to be on the Impact Show, it only made sense to talk about….well….Olympic lifting.  We talked about weightlifting for performance coaches, some technique-based topics and even his thoughts on how to navigate the massive amount of information available on the internet.

In true Impact Show form, we also got to talk about a coach that made a HUGE impact on Wil, and how things have come full circle as he is having a nearly identical impact on the athletes he trains.

If you are a performance coach, sport coach, athlete or trainer who wants to maximize the effectiveness of your Olympic lifting instruction, make sure to take advantage of Wil’s Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach program.  We also mentioned the High School Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification that Wil co-authored, and you can get 30% off that course by using the promo code JK30.

Of course, make sure you also check out http://wilfleming.com for more great info from Wil.

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