Episode 000 – About The Impact Show

The Impact Show with Jim KielbasoWelcome to The Impact Show with Jim Kielbaso. This podcast is all about increasing the impact that coaches, trainers and sports/fitness entrepreneurs make on the people around them. In this episode, Jim explains the concept of the show and what to expect in future episodes.

Expect new shows to come out weekly.  Odd numbered shows will be an interview with a special guest.  Even numbered shows will include three segments:

Part 1 – Jim discussing a topic related to business, career development, coaching, etc.

Part 2 – Business discussion with a special guest.  Ryan Ketchum, VP of Marketing for Fitness Consulting Group, will be a frequent guest.

Part 3 – Coaching topic with a special guest.  Michigan State Strength Coach Red Wakeham will be a frequent guest.

Take few minutes to listen to Ep. 000 and then get right into the rest of the show.

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