Ep. 32 – Dr. Haley Perlus on Mental Toughness

Haley PerlusDr. Haley Perlus got interested in mental toughness and sports psychology as a competitive downhill skier.  Her coach used an interesting tactic to motivate her, and it impacted her in a way that made her want to dedicate her life to learning more about it.  Since then, Dr. Perlus has worked with hundreds of athletes including professionals and Olympic competitors.

Dr. Perlus has a way of breaking down mental toughness into easily understandable points that coaches, trainers and even parents can use to help athletes prepare for practice or competition.  This episode of The Impact Show will give you a deeper understanding of sports psychology and will probably get you interested in learning more about some of the techniques involved in mental training.

If you’d like more information from Haley Perlus, check out her Mental Toughness Course

Mental Toughness Course

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