Ep. 28 – IYCA Transition

IYCA LogoIn this episode, I’m excited to announce my new leadership role with the IYCA, the International Youth Conditioning Association.  When I got involved in the IYCA several years ago, I realized that it was a very different organization that not only addressed high-quality training methods, they also addressed how to be a better coach, run your business and make an impact on young athletes.

When the opportunity presented itself to become the President & CEO, I felt like the last 20 years of my career all came together.  All of my experiences coaching, running a business, writing, and producing online content pulled together.  I’m still running Total Performance, so I’ll be in the trenches every day, which makes this opportunity even more exciting.  I get to do what I love with people that I truly enjoy being around.

I look forward to the next chapter of the IYCA and hearing your thoughts about the direction you’d like to see it take.  Please try out my new e-mail address jim@IYCA.org and let me know your thoughts on the IYCA.

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