Ep. 26: Politics vs Strength & Conditioning

politicsElection Day is here!  Finally!!!  This election cycle has been absolutely crazy, but it got me thinking about parallels between how we make political decisions and how we make decisions about strength & conditioning and business.

First things first, this episode is NOT about politics.  It’s all about exploring the ways in which we make our decisions, and I’ve seen so many things seep out into other areas of our lives, that I felt compelled to talk about it.  So, while the election has driven people crazy, there is a lot we can learn about ourselves as professionals from the way we make political decisions.  Sometimes it’s good.  Sometimes it’s bad.  But, it’s interesting to see how one area of our lives affects another.

Again, I promise this isn’t about politics, and I hope you enjoy this episode.  Leave a comment below explaining the parallels you’ve seen.


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