Ep. 23 – Lon Record: Hammer Strength/LifeFitness

Lon RecordLon Record has been a college strength & conditioning coach at the highest levels (Notre Dame, Villanova, etc.) and is now the National Athletics Manager for Hammer Strength/Life Fitness.  He has been able to utilize his knowledge and experience as a strength coach in more of a sales/consultant role to help schools create outstanding facilities.  These facilities end up making an impact on hundreds, or even thousands, of people, which turns into Lon’s “ripple effect.”

Lon is also responsible for organizing the Hammer Strength strength & conditioning clinics all over the country.  Thesenovi-weight-room clinics bring together incredible coaches from a wide range of schools, and attendees gain information they can take back to their schools.  This creates another ripple effect for Lon that has allowed him to make a huge impact on the entire industry.

Lon helped me and Novi High School (MI) put together an incredible new strength & conditioning facility that now serves hundreds of students and faculty members every day.

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