Ep. 17 – Dr. Laura Miranda – Define Your WHY, Not Your Niche

Laura MirandaEpisode 17 features Dr. Laura Miranda, and there are A LOT of firsts on this show.  Laura is the FIRST FEMALE on the show.  She is the FIRST PHYSICAL THERAPIST on the show.  She is the FIRST DOCTOR (DPT – Doctor of Physical Therapy) on the show.  She is the FIRST FITNESS-FOCUSED guest on the show.  AND, she was the FIRST PERSON TO SWEAR on the show, so we’re using the “explicit” tag for the first time.

Laura Miranda is an energizing figure in the fitness industry who has developed a business around using an urban landscape to stay fit.  She quit her safe and lucrative career as a physical therapist to pursue her passion for helping women get fit and confident.  Almost everything she does uses pieces of New York City – parks, barricades, curbs, walls, buildings, fences, etc.

She recently created a program called PURSUIT that teaches other trainers how to run outdoor fitness programs using their unique landscape.  The PURSUIT program can be found at www.nestacertified.com/PURSUIT.  You can also learn more about Laura Miranda at www.DrLauraMiranda.com.

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