Ep. 13 – Eric Cressey: Crushing Your Niche

Eric Cressey In this edition of The Impact Show, baseball performance coach Eric Cressey explains how he has dominated his niche of training elite level baseball players.  It started off by being a great coach, but it goes far beyond just training.

Every year, hundreds of elite-level baseball players migrate to Eric’s facility for off-season training, and he has produced multiple training products related to his methods.

Listening to him talk about how he has developed his business, training methods and reputation gives everyone the opportunity to learn how to dominate their own niche.  You may actually be surprised to hear that he didn’t follow the advice that most marketing experts give about creating, growing and crushing a niche.

You may also be surprised at how open he is about how he has grown his business, his struggles and what he believes keeps him at the top of his game.

You can learn more about Eric Cressey and all that he has to offer at http://EricCressey.com

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