Ep. 11 – Rob Taylor: The Gary Vaynerchuk of the Fitness Industry

Rob Taylor the Gary Vaynerchuk of the Fitness IndustryFirst of all, if you don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, you NEED to do some research.  Gary is the author of Jab, Jab, Right Hook and Crush It as well as doing about a million amazing things in marketing, promotion, and straight up create thinking.  In my opinion, Rob Taylor is the Gary Vaynerchuk of the fitness industry.  He talks fast like Gary.  He comes up with ideas about as fast as Gary.  He’s got JUICE like Gary.  And, he’s about as passionate about helping people as you can ask for.

Rob would NEVER want to take credit for something like this, but I’m doing it anyway!

Rob is the founder and president of http://SmarterTeamTraining.com which is not just a web site, it’s a training facility outside of Baltimore, MD where he trains a huge variety of athletes and non-athletes, but he also does amazing things with social media, marketing, sponsorships, live events, speaking, photography, podcasts, internships and about a million other cool things.  Rob is the kind of guy most people simply can’t keep up with.

I’ve had a chance to watch Rob grow up in this industry, and the things he’s been able to do are amazing.  You don’t have to have as much energy as Rob to learn from him, and I guarantee he’ll get you thinking in this episode of The Impact Show.

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